Trump’s administration claims transgenders are not build for war


This summer should have been a great win for the LGBT community. Transgenders would finally be allowed to enter the American army.

But Trump has decided that none of Obama’s changes are any good for the country. And as such, Donald is determined to cancel all the agreements the former President has made. The current American President has now set his eyes on invalidating a treaty concerning transgenders.

A Whitehouse representative explains: “Transgenders have no place in the army. It will only create confusion in war zones. It takes time to address a transgender by the right gender over the radio transceivers. During that time, the enemy can put a bullet in someone’s brain. And thus, their presence endangers others.”

“Additionally, we do not have the manpower to build extra toilets for transgenders. This would be necessary as we do not wish to make any of the other soldiers feel uncomfortable.”

Previous comments have left the LGBT community in fury. “Transgenders are not less adequately equipped to go to war. They should also have the opportunity to protect and fight for their country.”

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