Tourist Gordon frustrated with closed temples in Thailand

Thai temples closed for tourists

Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. It is very affordable, and the country is beautiful.

However, not all tourists return to their homes with the best memories. Take the story of American tourist Gordon. He was hoping to see the beautiful inside of as many temples as possible. But once he got to the location of every single temple, a Thai person would come up to him to tell him that the temple is currently closed.

Although Gordon was not a very naive person in nature, he trusted the locals to tell him the truth. So, he would then with the help of some overly friendly Thai people hop on to the next tuk-tuk. Hopefully, the following temple would be open. Strangely enough, Gordon also saw more authentic and ultra-trustworthy jewellery and tailor shops than temples.

Once it was getting dark, Gordon decided it was enough for the day. He would try his luck on his next trip to Thailand. Nonetheless, he fortunately did not go home empty handed. His bags were filled with seemingly expensive and handcrafted rings, bracelets and suits. Even though it was not what he originally came for, it calmed down Gordon’s frustrations of not seeing any Buddhist sanctuaries. The American tourist was convinced he would make a fortune by selling all his purchases back home in the United States.

From reliable sources, we have now heard that Gordon is currently bankrupted. What caused this inexplicable turn of events remains uncertain.


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