Tesla uses solar energy for new music platform

Tesla uses solar energy for music platform

Tesla is nowadays well-known for its’ state-of-the-art electric cars. What less people know is that the company also heavily invests in energy storage. And now, Tesla wants to use its’ energy knowledge to enter the music market.

Of course, the music market is very cluttered. With the likes of iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play, there is a lot of competition. Nonetheless, journalist Jones Brayton claims to have heard from insiders that Tesla is working on a revolutionary music platform.

“The music is not controlled by the user. Instead it will be controlled by solar energy. The amount of energy received by the sun will then decide what kind of songs will be played.” Brayton continues: “On the one hand, if it is gloomy outside, the odds are high that the user will get confronted with sad music. On the other hand, if it is sunny, the music will be more upbeat.”

However, music industry follower and expert Elvis Lesley casts his doubts on the plans of Tesla: “I already do not think a lot of people are ready to give up control when it comes to cars. But with music, I believe it would even be less likely.”

In the improbable scenario that you do love Tesla’s new music ideas, it is important to stay clear from some purchases. Only buy the articles from Amazon below if you do not mind entering a severe depression from all the miserable songs.


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