Philip sits next to strangers in public transport

A lot of people always complain about the lack of space in trains, busses, trams and metros. Public transport has always been a great source of complaints.

But Philip does not understand the complaints about public transport. According to him, people should just start sitting next to strangers. “Most of the times, I just see empty spots. But for some reason, people are afraid to sit next to people they do not know.”

“Also, I have seen a lot of people guard an extra seat with bags so that no one would sit next to them. But then, you just have to stare these people down until they get the message. In my experience, this method has proven to be extremely effective. It usually takes around 2 minutes for people to just give up the seat and move their stuff.”

Woman needs two spots in public transport
Example of a lovely and sociable woman. Of course, handbags also require a seat.

Philip continues: “For some reason, some people look like they are judging me. But trust me, it is totally worth it to win the fight of securing a public transport seat. I invite everyone to try my method. It will save you a lot of leg cramps.”

woman to scared to sit next to strangers in public transport
For the love of god people, sit down. With a bit of luck, the strangers will get off at the next stop.

As a last resort, you can also use the listed ass liquid below. Researchers have shown that the product improves results to a staggering 99%. That leaves you with a 1% chance of finding people who would refuse to move. And honestly, you should probably not want to sit near these individuals anyways.

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