Man arrested for watering flowers

On a beautiful sunny day in Florida, John Wick (39) starts his day with some well-deserved alcohol. Of course, after the first bottle follows a second one. And another one. By the time the sun hits its’ peak temperature, John decides to stumble outside for a short walk.

But then he notices on his path that his neighbour’s flowers are bending down. The depressing view of dying flowers really affected John’s mood. “It really made me feel down to see the flowers in this state. That is why I took the initiative to pull down my pants, and spray away my waterish liquids.”

Unfortunately for John, 2 police officers were just making a check-up round. When they saw mister Wick peeing in the garden, they immediately took him into custody.

In a statement, John says: “I have no regrets as I believe that my deed was heroic. But I am disappointed in myself to not have accelerated my peeing speed. I still had so much more in the tank.”


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