Kevin sues parents for his name

Kevin unhappy with parents about his name

Last night on Facebook, Kevin noticed that a very serious post of names started circulating. Apparently, if your name was on the list, it means that you have less brain cells than a gold fish.

Kevin’s nightmare finally came true. He survived many lists in which his name was not mentioned. But now, Facebook is alerting the whole world that the poor young boy got named and shamed for his very low IQ. To make the public embarrassment even worse, within 20 minutes, he got tagged in it by 3 different “friends”.

Kevin immediately reacted by calling his parents. The young teenager says that he will sue his whole family if necessary. The name has caused him so much suffering and misery. Kevin is too afraid to leave his home now. He claims that he will not show his face at school for at least 2 months. This should be sufficient time for people to forget about the whole name post.

Nevertheless, Facebook acknowledges the problem. The social media platform advises future parents to regularly check their timelines for new released lists of names. It should give them a good overview and indication of names which are not appropriate for children.

This is what Kevins usually look like:

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