How to become president of Russia

How to become the next Russian President

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is not allowed to participate in the presidential elections of 2018. And this is solely because he took the wrong approach to try and become President.

There are several elements a Russian candidate needs to keep in mind if he or she wishes to become president of mother Russia. The first element would be to not organize any public demonstrations. It is better to keep quiet and stay on your parents’ attic room.

The second element would be to remain friends with Vladimir Putin. As the saying goes: “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Otherwise, Putin will destroy you like he did with Navalny.

The third and most important element would be to remain patient. Actually, we want to say it again to emphasize it. You have to remain extremely patient. Because you need to be ready when the Russian President dies. This is the only moment you can strike. And it will take a while, because Putin is a tough cookie.

Now if only Navalny would have come to us for counsel… He could have been so much more than an ordinary criminal in prison. And of course, it is important to stay good friends with Donald Trump. That is why the hat below is a must-have when one wants to become President.

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