Frankfurt starts experiments with driving on the left side

Frankfurt is welcoming english banks

With the recent developments of the Brexit, more and more banks have decided to move their headquarters from the United Kingdom to Germany. Especially Frankfurt is a popular destination.

Germany is really happy with this new trend. Angela Merkel has announced that she wants to show the British newcomers how hospitable the Germans are. Therefore, from tomorrow onwards, the roads will be changed in Frankfurt. Everyone will be driving on the left side.

Car companies have been informed that they can offer people a free steering wheel repositioning. Of course, the government has sworn to recompense the costs.

The news has been positively received by the England deserters. They have promised a return the favour. Hence, they will bring some of the hackney carriages (typical British cabs), red double-decker busses and red telephone boxes.

Moreover, if you are in Frankfurt, you can easily spot the Brexit escapees. They are all wearing this green t-shirt.


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