Europe needs to produce more children

Europe needs a higher birth-rate

In contrast with the other continents, Europe’s population is shrinking. The birth-rate is too low. Renowned scientists and researchers are worried about the consequences.

Researcher Bill Clayton states: “If we do nothing, Europe will once more have to rely on mass-immigration to keep its’ population at a reasonable level. It is important to note that Africa will contribute to half of the global population growth by 2050. So, there is two solutions to the problem: either we allow more Africans to enter Europe, or we increase our own birth-rate.”

European politician Henry Loops prefers the second option: “We need to implement a system throughout Europe in which it is mandatory to have a minimum number of children. Of course, the amount will depend on the income of the parents. We will have to use law enforcement to make this requirement work.”

In the meantime, on the European continent, multiple offline and online campaigns have been started to promote the production of children. Campaign manager Julie Birk explains: “People need to realize that there is nothing more beautiful than having a lot of children. I respectfully encourage everyone to pump out more children. The more hands you have in your home, the more tasks you can divide. Think of it like a business. Europe needs it. Come on people!”

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