Defying Mother Nature Makes Famous

A young man in Canada was photographed yesterday mowing the backyard of his house. However, the picture shows a threatening tornado in the background. The photo has gone viral, and has been shared thousands of times.

Nonetheless, trend expert and follower Tommy Hard is worried: “to show this kind of behaviour sets a very undesirable example for minors. Nowadays, people do everything for the likes. And, now that they have seen that such acts generate a lot of attention, it will only be a matter of time before a 12-year-old will take a selfie in front of an erupting volcano.”

Thomas Park finds Hard worries amusing: “He is exaggerating. The picture was really funny and I cannot wait to see other reckless images. We should encourage people to live and not to fear.”


One thought on “Defying Mother Nature Makes Famous

  1. I live in Tornado Alley Texas. My small town is still considered a disaster area due to the last tornado a few years ago. When we hear those sirens, we quickly put on our shoes and go to the designated area. I could not imagine going outside to mow the yard.

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