Cat held responsible for putting man in danger

Today, in the early morning, police forces, fire trucks and ambulances went out on rescue mission. A young man Louis Griffin (22) had warned the emergency call centre about a cat being stuck in a tree.

Mr. Griffin recaps the story: “I was just passing by some trees, and all of sudden I hear some loud yowling. As I looked up, I noticed a cat being stuck in the trees. But after I called for help, it took so long that I decided to help the cat myself. I climbed all the way up the tree. However, once I got in reach of the cat, the cat jumped and landed smoothly on the ground. And I swear, whilst he jumped, I caught a glimpse of him smiling at me. And this is when I started to panic, because unlike the cat, I did not know how to get down.”

The police confirm Louis’s story: “Luckily we arrived in time for Louis. The branches were unable to hold his weight for much longer. The fall could have been fatal. This is why we hold the cat responsible for what happened today. We have taken him into custody. The court will decide what will happen to the cunning animal.”

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