Activists demand animal participation against global warming

Animals need to contribute to global warming

Climate change researchers have come to the conclusion that the future of the world should not only be the responsibility of mankind.


More and more people are getting frustrated. Global warming should be a priority for every living being on planet Earth. Numerous people believe that there is an inequitable participation in regards to the fight of the greenhouse effect. Whilst some people eat tofu and quinoa, thousands of animals out there still refuse to change their diets. Especially Zoo animals consume huge amounts of meat. And this is extremely hazardous to the ozone layer.

Hence, the organization “global warming is everyone’s problem” has asked people around the globe to start a worldwide demonstration against Zoos. A representative of the initiative states: “Animals should also show their commitment by eating more sustainable food. It is not only mankind that needs to contribute. It is time we stand together as one. After all, we share the same planet.”

Big cat shows how to save the planet

In the intervening time, the large cat in the picture above shows the right example. He has already been asked to become an ambassador for the good cause.

Make sure you participate as well! Buy some first-class vegetarian food for your pets. They will hate it. But it will make you feel better about yourself.



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